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Conseils Financiers et Courtier en prêts et crédits, des solutions uniques et adaptées...

Monaco - Nice - Paris - Bordeaux - Strasbourg - Genève

We speak French, English, Italian and German.

GRIFFON FINANCES™: Financial project and private project at the best conditions.

Griffon Finances, a financial consulting firm and a credit brokerage firm, has been based in French Riviera and in Monaco.

Underpinned by the significant banking experience ( 25 years ), Griffon Finances is specialized in the field of private and commercial financing (Patrimonial loan, Crédit Lombard, real estate loans, debt consolidation and mortgage loans, escrow agent, bitcoin, ...).

Griffon Finances offer private personalized advice and customized solutions tailored to the environment of each of our clients..

Our legal expertise and network of banking partners and private banking partners in France and in Monaco will allow you to secure the financing package that best suits your project, and in the shortest timeframe possible.

Griffon Finances brings you the expertise and experience you need in your quest for financial advice, banking solutions and counseling in the absolutely discretion.